All About African Black Soap
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Video Transcription:

Hey all. So if you’ve been around my channel for a while you may have heard me say “abs” at least, at least, a bazillion times. Abs plays a huge role in the way I take of my body and my hair and I do think that it deserves its own video. So, what is abs? Abs is abs, it’s soap that's black and it’s from Africa. I don’t want to keep saying abs, abs, abs, blah blah blah. So, i’m going to say abs.

Abs is basically heaven compressed into soap… But no seriously so like most commercial soaps they just clean your skin the thing with abs is that it actually heals your skin. There are so many people who have amazing testimonies and how abs has helped heal their skin from eczema, psoriasis, oily skin, flaky skin, acne, cystic acne.

It doesn’t just clean your skin, it heals it.

A little goes a long way. It produces a very rich lather, and it’s very gentle. You can use it on your face, your body, and your hair as a shampoo. So what, ya-ya it’s amazing!

How to use it

Method 1
The first way to use it is directly. It’s really soft, so basically you just pinch of a pea size amount and then yo u wet your hand you rub that pea size amount on your hands to create a rich lather until it’s gone and then you can use it to wash your face. If you want to wash your hair, do the same exact thing and then put that lather directly onto your scalp and rinse it out.

Method 2
The second way to use African Black Soap is in liquid form. Grab an empty shampoo bottle, or any bottle you want, it’s your life okay. Just grab a bottle. Then scoop a tablespoon off the soap. Put it inside the bottle and fill the rest with water. Put that bottle to the side for 24 hours and let that water fuse with the soap. I already did this before hand to show you guys. As you can see, it’s like this very nice liquid soap and it has bubbles and is ready to use. You can use it on your skin and in your hair.


Okay, so I do want to give you guys a quick tip. It is really, it is really hard to find like real raw African Black Soap, and a lot of people will create like a kind of “fake” black soap. They will make soaps or shampoos that say, “This contains African Black Soap,” but that’s not what African Black Soap is made of. Real raw African Black Soap will contain two main ingredients: Palm Kernel Oil, and Plantain Skin Ash. It will not look like the soap that you’re used to. It’s not going to have nice polished plastic looking mold shape like most commercial soaps do. It’s going to be bulky and its going to be big, and it’s going to have an uneven color. It’s going to have like blotches of black, and brown, and light brown, and it has a very bumpy, and a very very soft texture.

So far this is the best soap that I’ve been able to find online because I just can’t find it physically in any store near me. So, I order this soap online. I get this online for $20, and it lasts like a year.
And that’s pretty much everything that I’ve ever wanted to tell you guys about African Black Soap. It is amazing. I highly recommend it to everybody who is interested in natural body care. You can use it on your face, your body, and your hair. It’s natural and it’s gentle and it’s healing. Honestly, it’s awesome.
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