How To Wash Your Hair With African Black Soap
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Video Transcription:

Hey all,
So a couple of weeks ago I made a video introducing you guys to African Black Soap. If you haven’t checked it out, check it out.

A lot of you guys commented, “Hey Peniel can you show us how to use it on our hair.”

So that’s what I’m gonna do. You can wash your hair with African Black Soap in two ways. You can do it directly or indirectly. Of course first you have to wet your hair and do everything as usual, and if you want to it directly grab your African Black Soap pinch off like a teaspoon or pea size amount and then rub it between your palms. That will create a lather, and then just rub it into your scalp and then rinse it out.

The second way is indirectly, and that is personally my favorite way. You just grab an empty bottle, put a tablespoon of African Black Soap in it and fill up the rest with warm water, and then the water and the soap mix creating this awesome soapy mix that you can use on your body and your hair. You can also customize by adding essential oils such as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, rose hip oil, jojoba oil, whatever you want.

Alright so those are the two ways that you can use it on your hair, and today I’m going to try it this way, the “shampoo” way, and I’m going to show you guys the results.

So, I just wet my hair in the shower, and it’s time to wash my hair and i’m going to use my African Black Soap mix. Mine is in a ketchup bottle so i’m just going to put the tip of the bottle all over my head and slowly release soap, and then I’m going to massage my scalp. Whenever you wash your hair with anything always make sure to focus on the scalp and avoid the ends just so you don’t further dry out your hair.

For deeper cleansing i’m going to use my shampoo brush. After you finish saturating your scalp and massaging it you can rinse it out, and then continue with your normal routine.

Alrighty so here are the results. I just woke up, and I forgot to record the results two days ago, so this is second day hair. It looks pretty good. I definitely don’t recommend that people wash their hair with African Black Soap if you have thin hair. It will be too heavy for you. It’s like a very moisturizing cleanser it’s not a deep cleanser especially the way that I use it. If you have really thick thick curly hair I think it will work perfect on you.

Make sure to get you some, because African Black Soap is amazing!
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